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Website update!

Today I made a big update!
Registered users, who also donated a fee, are able now to store savegame disks!
(The applet is not signed for this! All storing is done via the web!)

How does it work?
- When you are registered, donated and contacted me, I'll update your user permissions.
- With the new permissions, you can see 4 icons in the emulator: SAVE, LOAD, EMPTY and SCREENSHOT (for taking screenshots!!!)
- When you started a game and you store a savegame on your disk, you will see a flashing exclamation mark, and you should click on "SAVE".
- Some games ask you to insert a savegame disk. For this the button "EMPTY" is good for. Click on it, and the actual disk in drive will be swapped to an empty data disk. When you saved the game, also click on "SAVE".
  This saves the savegame disk now.
  when you want to turn back to the game disk, just click on "GAME" (Same icon than "EMPTY" but with label "GAME") and the game disk will be restored.
- Later, when you re-visit the website, and want to continue your game, just follow these simple steps:
  * let the game load
  * when you are asked if you want to load a savegame, do this:
        * if the game has been stored on the game's disk, just click "LOAD"
        * if the game has been stored on a empty disk, click "EMPTY" then "LOAD"... When the game has been loaded, click on "GAME" and the game disk is back in drive.
- You can also store screenshots! Just click the "SCREENSHOT" icon.

JavaCPC Applet savegame demonstration

Todo (for me):
User gallery which shows all your stored screenshots.

Posted by Devilmarkus on Tuesday 10 July 2012 - 18:02:50 | Comments: 0  |  printer friendly LAN_NEWS_24

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