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what game is this (not Elite)
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Thu Dec 29 2016, 08:02am
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I can't remember the name of this game. It was a space conquest game and was kind of played as rounds.
Each round you would bid on a trader visiting you (instead of visiting the opposition), then you would buy components from the trader, then build a spaceship. Each component was something like a frame, a claw (for attack), a missile launcher, or an engine, and maybe armour too. Once you built your spaceship you would fly off and select a planet to conquer. If the opponent was already there you would have to fight them in your spaceship until one of you was destroyed. I think at the end of the round you got revenue from all the planets you were currently in control of. Then you would go to the next round and so on until you had conquered all the planets or someone had run out of funds or something.

I've been searching for this on and off for a while... unfortunately all the search terms I use come up with hits for Elite...

Please help!


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