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Category: CPCSites (21)
CPC related websites
Rating Referrals
Website from César Nicolás González
not rated - 131
Home of JavaCPC and many CPC resources
not rated - 238
JEMU Project site
Current progress of JEMU - The Java Emulation Platform
not rated - 127
JEMU website
Official home of JEMU - The Emulation Platform
not rated - 116
The best CPC emulator ever.
not rated - 162
The Amstrad CPC resource #1
not rated - 191
CPC-Wiki Forum
CPC-Wiki forum
not rated - 468
CPC-POWER, sauvegarde du patrimoine de l'Amstrad CPC
not rated - 180
Amstrad ESP
Amstrad ESP
not rated - 135
Octoate`s Webblog
Octoate.de - The Amstrad CPC news portal
not rated - 64
Crackers Velus
Cracked CPC games
not rated - 88
Amstrad CPC Demoscene
not rated - 69
CPC World
Die Schneider/Amstrad All in One Box
 10.0 - 1 vote - 184
FutureOS Homepage
FutureOS Homepage
not rated - 90
Genesis8 website
not rated - 87
R-Type Remake
Website for the R-Type remake for Amstrad CPC
not rated - 100
Press Play Then Any Key
Reviews, music and CPC videogames
Submitted by lexsparrow
not rated - 194
OdieSoft's Homepage
not rated - 45
This website hast its intention that the user don't forget the fabulous computer-system of the Amstrad CPC.
not rated - 62
Cent Pour Cent
Hardware Expansions for the beloved CPCs by TotO
not rated - 48
Blog about the good old times (Spanish)
not rated - 181
Category: Other Pages (2)
Non-CPC related, interesting websites
Rating Referrals
Indie Retro News
The latest Free Games, Indie, Retro and Kickstarter Gaming News!
not rated - 144
Laden für gebrauchte Retro Videospiele in Leipzig
not rated - 434
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